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Ohlasy studentů

Dana Knoppová


"I attended this courses because I am really interested in network technologies even though it isn't my specialization at school. But I hope that the knowledge of network technology would be useful in my future carrier. I chose these courses after I find out that it is for "student's" price and not the comercial. I signed up for the course during semester and I tried the summer course too. The instructor had more time for interpretation of every lesson during the semester but it is difficult to remember it till the next week. The summer course was harder because you must do everything in one week but you will learn it very quickly and the atmosphere during the course was more friendly (I think that we had very good instructor). I recommend you both because it depends on your preferences."

Menendez Freile Guillermo Sebastian, Bc.


"I registered in the course because i was very interesting in network technology and in order to increase my changes at getting career work in the field. I was informed that CISCO academy in Prague is given the opportunity to get in touch with the field and i signed up for it. I am glad that i did it because know i have more perspective and knowledge about it and in certain point and filling my career in network administrator. I really recommend this course it is great :)"

Botah Kenneth Obeng


"I am very happy to be part of the Dejvicka Cisco Networking Academy Program. After just a semester with this academy, i can confidently say i am now familiar with the fundamentals of networking. I had a very helpful and friendly instructor who was always ready to answer any questions we had (hope i stick with him till the end of the program :D ) Most of all, the fact that we are being provided this course at the lowest possible cost. CHEERS"






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